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Virtual Pripyat

Address book of Chernobyl Exclusion Zone

Webtown (Ukraine)


Webtown. Современная фотография.Webtown. Старая фотография.Virtual city near the river, where new microdistricts of Pripyat should have been built. It is occupied by all wishing inhabitants of the Earth. This is a general plan.
+ Distance to ChAES Reactor #4 - 2.72 km. +
Фото пока отсутствует   Belarus St.
(number of buildings: 1)
The president would reside on this street. Probably in the future, it would be necessary to elect for example, Chairman Domkom.
Фото пока отсутствует   Kazachstana st.
(number of buildings: 1)
Фото пока отсутствует   Russia St.
(number of buildings: 7)
We suppose that this street will be most extensive and densely populated in the town. And the cost per square meter in apartments is simply superior :)
Фото пока отсутствует   Ukraine St.
(number of buildings: 3)
Customs control is absent - people can move where they want.

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