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Virtual Pripyat

Address book of Chernobyl Exclusion Zone

Pripyat (Ukraine)

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Припять. Современная фотография.Припять. Старая фотография.

Панорама Припяти, снятая, видимо, с балкона 16-этажки с гербом Украины. На переднем плане строящийся торговый центр.
Панорама Припяти, снятая, видимо, с балкона 16-этажки с гербом Украины...

StreetsInfrastructure before 1986Infrastructure after 1986
Есть фото   Lazareva street
(number of buildings: 13)
Short street in the city center, named in honor of the hero of the Great domestic war, sergeant Lazareva.
Есть фото   Heroes of Stalingrad Street
(number of buildings: 18)
Continuation of Lazareva Street, begins from the new house of life
Есть фото   Gidroproyectovskaya Street
(number of buildings: 5)
Quite young and short street, leading from the "House of Life" to the city stadium and ending at Semikhody village.
Есть фото   Friendship of the People Street
(number of buildings: 25)
One of the oldest streets of the city. Located on this street are the city's first department store, first hostels, dining rooms for the city and nuclear plant builders, the store "Berezk", the sport center "Avangard", and the city's polyclinic and hospital.
Есть фото   Zavodskaya Street
(number of buildings: 6)
There were no apartment houses on this street. It is the location of the radiofactory "Floodlight".
Есть фото   Kurchatova street
(number of buildings: 27)
The street begins at the city quay (dock) and comes to an end at the forest, crossing Lesya Ukrainka Street. Passes through the city centre.
Есть фото   Lenin Boulevard (Lenina Prospekt)
(number of buildings: 46)
The city's main street. Very beautiful. In the middle of street is an avenue for walks and rest. The street begins at the railway bridge and ends at the city's central square.
Есть фото   Lesi Ukrainki street
(number of buildings: 60)
Lesi Ukrainki Street. Street between the forest and city.
Есть фото   Naberezhnaya street
(number of buildings: 3)
Rather young street originating at the city hospital and coming to an end at the crossing with Lazareva Street in the area of the House of Life.
Есть фото   Ogneva street
(number of buildings: 7)
Short street along "old man" (an old river bed). It is remarkable that on this street there were unique cottages of the city's elite.
Фото пока отсутствует   Semokhodskaya st.
(number of buildings: 0)
Есть фото   Sportivnaya street
(number of buildings: 31)
Begins at new КБО near to school №3, proceeds before crossing with street Lesi Ukrainki next to the factory "Jupiter"
Есть фото   Builders Boulevard
(number of buildings: 35)
The most distant and newest street of the city, many buildings on this street were not completed
Есть фото   Enthusiasts Street
(number of buildings: 12)
Nearest to the Atomic Energy Station and also forest road. It ended at the boat station and yacht club.

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